We’re Just Ordinary Average Gnomes

Mikey Mushroom & Studley P. Hungwell

You know looking at me and ol Studley P. you would think that we are extraordinary dudes! I mean look at us! Our attire and our attitudes would set us apart as something to behold, way above the crowd, and something special.

Look an my second cousin twice removed from my brother from another mother’s side of the family, Studley P. Hungwell! Check out his fine threads! Look at his excessively cool denim pants. They harken back to his days in “the district”, aka the Haight-Ashbury district, during the summer of love. For those who are under 50 the summer of love refers to the summer of 1969. That was the summer when the world congregated in upstate New York on small little dairy farm owned by Max Yasgur. That dairy farm in Bethel, NY (about 40 miles S.W. of Woodstock, NY) would become synonymous with a little rock concert known as Woodstock, over 500,000 teenagers and twenty-somethings congregated for a weekend of rock and roll music that is still talked about!

To compliment those “too cool” jeans is his mustard colored flowing top…..what a fashion statement you are are Studley. P.

As for me, let me lay a self critique on you! Check out my righteously cool skinny jeans that accentuate my fit and trim septuagenarian body! But check out my tailored baby blue blazer…….way too cool for school!

Even though we are “fashionistas” and classy looking dudes, we are, nevertheless, just ordinary average guys! Studley P. used to drive a Chrysler and me a big Dodge.

We all lead ordinary average lives
With average kids
And average ex-wives
We all go bowling at the bowling lanes
Drink a few beers
Bowl a few frames
We’re just ordinary average guys