You Can Check Out Anytime You Like!

Mikey Mushroom & Studley P. Hungwell

Well, early tomorrow morning (Tuesday) me, Studley P, and ol Captain Blowdri will be loading up the hot rod and pulling the plug on our two week visit to “The Hotel California”. Yep we will be heading out on that dark desert highway with cool wind in our very thin hair!

As Jason has always told ol Captain Blowdri, there is plenty of room at his “Hotel California”, any time of year you can find him here!

You know that we’ve been livin’ it up at The Hotel California!

The big difference is that at Jason’s “Hotel California“, however, is that I do not have to find the passage back to the place I was before. The biggest reason is that he is not only programmed to receive, but he lets us check out anytime we like!

Play that guitar solo Joe and Don!