Could We Be Your Forever Men?

Mikey Mushroom & Studley P. Hungwell

You know Studley P. Hungwell and myself, Mikey Mushroom, may look like old washed up San Francisco hippie type gnomes, but I stress never judge a book by the cover! Remember, that many times there is more to somebody than meets the eye. I can guarantee that is the case with me and ol Studley P.

Yeah, this isn’t our first rodeo!

We may look all washed up, all used up, and kinda short on height, but there is much more to each one us than just being great looking dudes! We are tall on personality and even taller on humility! Yep, there is hidden talent beneath these demur exteriors that we portray!

There I said it! C’mon man!

Not only are we low key, under the radar kind of septuagenarians, which means we have slyly made many trips around the Sun in our day. It also means that we may have had a relationship or two along the way. Me and ol Studley P. have learned the ins and outs, more or less, about that relationship thing. Right now we are single and ready to mingle! And just for the record, we have had some successful flings and some not so successful flings. But back in the City by The Bay, we have a reputation that compliments our resumé!

However, since COVID we have been laying low down here in the desert. But after a morning conference with ol Studley P, we decided that it was time to warn the ladies out there that this duo is officially on the market and out on the prowl! Beware ladies of Studley P. and his bouquet of flowers, he is a charmer!

We, in fact, could be your forever men!

Cue up our good buddy Eric!!!!