Oh, Mexico!

Mikey & Studley At The Border

After listening to some of Captain Blowdri’s cool music collection Thursday night, and rocking the house with a wide variance of tunes, Studley P. Hungwell (right) and yours truly (Mikey Mushroom) got hooked on an old James Taylor hook.

It is a good thing that both yours truly and Studley are still steeped in our musical talents. When the playlist got onto some James Taylor tunes it was this rendition of “Mexico” that got our motors running! Since I am a world class singer that has been hidden deep beneath my mild mannered sunglassed gnome look, I began to belt out and harmonize with ol JT. Within seconds Studley found an old set of conga drums that was stored in the back of Blowdri’s closet and began to rhythmically accompany the arrangement!

It was a sight and sound to behold, my friends! The whole neighborhood rallied around Captain Blowdri’s crib and was rocking the casbah! There were things happening that I am still trying to define!!! With all that excitement Thursday night it was difficult to turn it off and go to sleep! But sleep did come after much consternation!

Upon waking up Friday morning Captain Blowdri notified me and Studley that he needed to make a quick day trip to Algodones, Mexico to replenish a few medicines for his cabinet, as well as resupplying his sons with some antibiotics. So the two of us decided to hitch a rid over there with ol Blowdri to get a sneak peek at Mexico. Without his knowledge, we had stowed away in the backset.

Upon arrival in the parking lot at the Mexican border we made our presence known to Blowdri. He was surprised, to say the least, when we jumped up on the back seat and declared our presence. When we expressed our eagerness to accompany him across the border for a brand new experience, we were confronted with the fact that it takes a passport to gain entrance back into the good ol US of A! What the hell is a passport I asked our driver?

When ol Captain Blowdri explained to us what a passport was and that we could cross into Mexico, no problem. However, without a US Passport in our possession our chances of getting back through Customs and into this country would be complicated significantly! So with his explanation and advice, Studley and yours truly decided to remain at the car in the parking lot awaiting Blowdri’s return.

Oh, down in Mexico

I never really been so I really don’t know

Oh, Mexico I guess I’ll have to go!