I Just Can’t Find My Way Home!

Shooting the curl

Last month ol Captain Blowdri threw me in his car and told me that we were heading North! That excited me because I thought that there was a chance that he was going to take me back up to my old digs for the weekend, North Baker Beach in my hometown of San Francisco! Aw the memories of that special place in my heart and in my mind!

The first stop was in Blowdri’s hometown of Fresno to visit his two “mini-mes”, Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie and All-Around Edgy Dude, as well as Jeremy The Chameleon Dude. Additionally, Captain Blowdri introduced me to his two grandkids, Cole, The Future Audio Engineer, and Hannah The Inquisitive Young Lady.

We bunked in at Jason’s place, and I gotta tell you he is my type of dude! He could have fit right in with me and my homeboys at Haight for the last 50+ years! I think that dude missed his calling!! I could tell that he could have been a really cool “Deadhead”, a Big Brother and The Holding Company kinda dude, and definitely a Hendrix or a Jefferson Airplane groupie! He would have loved hanging with me and my boys at the Fillmore West and Winterland over the past half century!

We mostly hung out with Blowdri’s boys and grandkids for the 12 days. Ol Blowdri was so excited to finally get to see his family after, COVID restrictions, and the recovery from his open heart surgery, that he was beside himself for the first couple of days!

On the last Saturday Jason decided to take his ol man, and yours truly, over to the coast for a day trip to Carmel. We toured some of the famous art galleries there and feasted on a cool lunch. But my high light was a trip to Point Lobos to take in some of that famous Central California Coast! It instantly brought back my many memories of North Baker Beach, except for one very important thing……..everyone here was fully clothed at Point Lobos!

Oh I long for 1969 and the Summer of Love!

I just wished that we had gone another 65 miles further up the coastline to my old digs! I long for my “City By The Bay”.

You see I just can’t seem to find my way back home!