Soaking Up The Sun

The Gnome Dude

Well dudes, I just checked the forecasted temperatures for the next few days here in Yuma, and all I can say is that I picked the wrong time to relocate!

I am used to wearing a jacket in the Spring and most of the summer, as well. Where I hung out, ie Haight, Golden Gate Park, and North Barker Beach, the spring and summer weather is really cool, in many more ways than one! And that is exactly why The Gnome Dude is so cool! I’m just sayin!

Beginning tomorrow, Friday 4/23, the heat is on! It will be the first day of 100 degree temps this year, and continuing through the end of April. I sure hope that Captain Blowdri has a fantastic A/C unit in his crib! I know that this is the desert, but this is just one month into the Spring weather and the 100’s are rolling in, C’MON DUDE!

On re-evaluation of my idea of soaking up the Sun and tanning out, I may be limiting my sunbathing/working on my sun tan to the hours shortly after sunrise til 8am! Otherwise this dude may be spending a lot of time and money at Captain Blowdri’s dermatologist because I will turn into a skin cancerous hippie gnome dude!

Dude, I should have migrated here a few months earlier to enjoy the nice winter weather before the 100’s roll into town……but the job opening wasn’t on until last week!

How do the people of this town stay cool? I am asking for a friend!!!!